About Us

Friends of Long Beach Animals, formerly established as Friends of Long Beach Animal Shelter is a nonprofit organization dedicated to responsible pet ownership, education and humane treatment of all animals. Friends of Long Beach Animal Shelter was incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation on January 12, 1990 in the state of California and is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID Number 33-0390886). In 2002, the organization filed a DBA as Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA).

FOLBA is a pioneer in promoting low-cost spay and neuter programs for low-income residents of Long Beach and Signal Hill and for providing humane education classes for all school-age children within the Long Beach/Signal Hill area as well as providing books with a humane theme to all local libraries. Since its inception in 1998, FOLBA has sponsored the spaying or neutering of over 18,000 animals, thus preventing millions of pets from being born, only to be euthanized or subjected to cruelty. The Humane Education Program, started in 2001, has provided humane education classes to over 100,000 students at no cost to the school or organization.

FOLBA has received awards and acclaim from numerous government and city groups including:

  • California State Assembly
  • California State Senate
  • City of Long Beach
  • Long Beach Animal Care Services
  • Make a Difference Day by USA Today
  • National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
  • Pet Place Television Show
  • Doris Day Animal Foundation
  • Belmont Shore Business Association
  • City of Long Beach Fireman’s Association

In addition to our primary activities of spay/neuter incentives and humane education, FOLBA promotes the adoption of animals from the Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) animal shelter. Over the last few years, FOLBA has assisted in the adoption of approximately 500 animals from the shelter. Our website features pets that are currently available for adoption, with information on adoption procedures. In addition, we sponsor placing adoptable animals in locations outside the shelter to promote their availability. Other activities that we engage in include paying for special medical bills for shelter animals and general shelter assistance. FOLBA has provided life-saving medicine and vet care for special needs of pets in the care of LBACS. In addition, FOLBA provides Kuranda beds, kitty fleece beds, blankets, towels and toys to comfort shelter dogs, cats and rabbits. As a special effort, FOLBA continues to support the needs of Tippy, a little dog who arrived at the shelter with a leg shattered beyond repair. To assist the staff of LBACS, FOLBA pays for conference and seminar expenses for Animal Control Officers and staff for selected events.

FOLBA is highly visible in the community, participating in many parades and events throughout the year. Our event calendar includes the Veterans Day Parade, the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade, and the Animal Cruelty Prevention Conference along with many neighborhood meetings and gatherings.

In 2015, FOLBA provided a volunteer/rescue partner shed, benches and shade umbrellas at the expense of $8,000 and assisted with the building of the Bunny Barn for the shelter’s resident rabbits.

Currently, FOLBA has purchased a modular dual-purpose veterinary clinic and had the building installed on the grounds of LBACS. The clinic, once it is outfitted at the cost of FOLBA and ACS, will be used for medical treatment of shelter pets during the week. The clinic’s purpose is to assist residents in complying with the city’s mandatory licensing and spay/neutering municipal codes and proper pet care as well as the care and promotion of shelter pets.

Friends of Long Beach Animals strives to live up to its name. We hope that you’ll join us in this endeavor.


President, Lauren Campbell

Secretary, Marisa Strange

Treasurer, Larry Blunden

Staycee Dains

Tom Hanberg

Andrea N. Thompson

Greg Covey