Donate Your Car

Donate your vehicle, car, truck, motorcycle or boat to help the animals

Do you have a car, truck, motorcycle or boat you don’t want for any reason?

Please consider donating your vehicle to FOLBA and help the animals in our community.

Friends of Long Beach Animals wants your old car, truck, motorcycle or boat!   You can start the donation process with a simple phone call to 855-500-7433 or schedule a donation online. We do all the work including free pickup (running or not), sale, and issue a tax deductible receipt from our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

You have until 12/31/24 to schedule your intent to pledge your vehicle to FOLBA to earn a tax credit for the year 2024

Five Reasons To Donate Your Vehicle

To donate your vehicle to FOLBA and benefit the animals all you have to do is start the process online or make a simple phone call, tell us about the vehicle, and make arrangements for us to come to you and pick it up for free (running or not!). We’ll handle the sale of the car, paperwork, and issue you a tax deductible receipt you can claim on your 2024 income taxes. Tax situations vary, so be sure to check with your tax advisor for how this type of donation will benefit you.
Repairs on vehicles can set you back thousands of dollars. Junk or rusty clunker cars have to be stored, registered with the DMV, and may be an eye sore! Why not donate the car, truck, motorcycle or boat and do good for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens in Long Beach, Signal Hill, Los Angeles and Orange County? Donating your vehicle means you don’t have to worry about getting any repairs or maintenance done, even if it’s not running we’ll take it!
Have you tried to get a new car and been offered virtually nothing for your trade in? Usually dealers low ball these type of cars and you’ll walk away from the deal feeling like you got taken. When you donate your car to FOLBA to help the animals, you’ll get a fair and honest value for your vehicle.  Plus, you’ll feel good about it too, because your donation will help save, spay and neuter, and support adoptions of cute cuddly dogs and cats!
Who couldn’t use a little extra space? An old or junker car that’s rarely used can often times take up a lot of valuable space in your garage, your driveway, or your yard. The average vehicle takes up about 130 square feet of space you could use to play with your dogs and cats!
This may be the most important reason, so we’ve saved it for last. The money we receive when your car is donated and sold is used to support and help the animals in our community. While many other organizations pay salaries to their staff and board members, Friends of Long Beach Animals is run by an all volunteer board of directors (board members do not receive any compensation for their involvement) so you can rest assured that your donation will support the animals and not someones paycheck. FOLBA supports helping sick and injured animals, spay and neutering programs, organizes community pet food drives, and teaches humane education for all animals in our community and online. It takes money to do all this and it’s wonderful people like you that can truly help us. Will you donate your vehicle to Friends today?

It’s Easy To Donate

Call 855-500-7433 or donate online

Schedule  a Pickup

FOLBA has saved and rescued many animals in our 30+ years.   Donate your car, truck, motorcycle or boat so we can continue our work!

Need help? E-mail with any questions you can’t find here or on this page.

You can start the donation process with a simple phone call to 855-500-7433 or schedule a donation online.