Pawz TV User Submitted Videos

We want your fun and furry pet videos to share on the upcoming Pawz TV!  To learn more about Pawz TV click here.


  • By submitting videos, you grant Friends of Long Beach Animals rights to share, post, air on tv, cable, or any other digital medium the video content without any compensation.
  • Pets can be dogs, cats, bunnies or generally any legal furry friend, but you must be the owner of the animal or have the owners permission to share
  • If there are humans in your video too, great!  But humans must fill out and submit a talent release form along with their video content.
  • Files are limited to 750MB — and we are just looking for videos that are up to a minute long.  We won’t be airing  5-minute videos of your dog chasing his tail.  Please select the best clip and “edit” it with your phone or other software and just submit no more than 1-minute clips.
  • You’ll give us your email address along with the video you upload so well contact you if we are going to use it.
  • Videos on our show will include you and your pets name and your city and state.  Could your pet become famous? Sure!
  • Don’t submit the same video multiple times.   We are receiving a lot of videos, it might take a while to get to yours, or it may simply not be what we are looking for and may never get used. But thanks for sending anyway!

Tips for your video to get used:

  • Clear crisp video with good sound and not a terribly shaky camera. iPhone or Android cameras are fine.
  • Videos in landscape mode— hold your phone sideways and NOT vertical!
  • Videos where the content is fun, interesting, and unique
  • Absolutely no videos showing anything where animals are harmed, abused or neglected.  We’ll likely report you to Animal Control.










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