Lauren’s Fab 50th Fundraiser

In lieu of gifts, Lauren, FOLBA’s VP is celebrating her birthday with a fundraising party where all proceeds and donations go directly to FOLBA to help animals in our Long Beach communities.

Join us for this special event on October 26, 2019 from 6:30pm – 10:30pm.

Drinks, Dance, Tacos and Entertainment!
Black & White Cocktail Attire so Dress to Impress!

Get tickets here:

To purchase tickets, click here.

To download our PDF Flyer, click here.


New Benefit! 2019 Music for Mutts and Cats

Join us on Thursday, October 3rd from 5pm – 9pm at STEELCRAFT in Long Beach.

Thanks to organizer and dog volunteer extraordinaire, Ricky Yim for asking us to partner with him this year……help us raise money for our shelter animals.

Music by Neptune Recovery, Natasha Wood, and Dad Company.


3768 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach CA 90807

This event benefits Long Beach Animal Care Services and Friends of Long Beach Animals.

Donations accepted:  Blankets, towels, toys, food, treats, monetary and 10% of sales will also be donated.

Fundraiser for Louie

What would make it OK for a cat with hope of recovery from illness, to be euthanized, instead of treated, for the lack of $?

Louie’s family consisted of a 19-year-old girl who could not afford to treat his medical diagnosis. She was reaching out for help and by the time she met me, the cat had gone three weeks without eating and was gravely ill.

I couldn’t look the other way.

I paid $3000 on a credit card, to begin treatment and get him past the critical point.

LOUIE is fighting for his life. He wants to live. He has several health issues which are solvable if treated. He has Hepatic Lipidosis, a fatty liver disorder, and has also been infected by Cryptococcosis, a fungus caused by breathing in bird droppings. The fungal infection is treated with meds that can make the liver problem worse, so we have to be very cautious with treatment and monitor closely.

His worst enemy besides the lack of funds to treat him, lack of a foster to care for him, and lack of a permanent loving home, is his lack of appetite. He is a gentle giant weighing in at 23 lbs. He is five years old, silver-gray, with beautiful pale blue eyes. He is extremely affectionate, and craves company, attention, kindness, and the return of affection.

Several days ago, he began eating on his own.

He has now been transferred to my home for hospitalization and continued medical care.

Protocol now calls for:

Medicine and bloodwork once a week until his liver is better. Once he is clear of liver disease, the veterinarian will monitor the fungus with titers. This could take from 4 to 12 more months at an approximation of initially up to $600 per month, until he is out of liver disease, and $150-$200 per month until he gets 2 negative crypto titers, one month apart.

I hope that some of you who know me or are touched by Louie’s plight will help me with the future cost of Louie’s recovery. Friends of Long Beach Animals will be accepting donations under their nonprofit status in the name of “Louie”.


Donate with PayPal or by Credit Card

Donate on the Friends website through credit card or PayPal by clicking the link below, and then navigate to DONATE ANY AMOUNT.  Click on DONATE.  You’ll be able to enter any amount when you donate and we’ll know it’s for LOUIE!

FOLBA Fundraiser for Louie with Credit Card or PayPal

Donate on Facebook

You can send a donation through your Facebook account by clicking on the link below.  You may need to login to Facebook to donate this way. Be sure to share the fundraiser with your friends, too!


Fundraiser for LOUIE on Facebook

Donate by mailing a check

If you would like to donate via check, please send to “FOLBA” and notate in the memo line: “LOUIE”.

Send to:

Friends of Long Beach Animals
PO Box 92736
Long Beach, CA 90809-2736

Make a donation at Louie’s Veterinarian

You may also make a payment on LOUIE’S bill at:

Belmont Heights Animal Hospital
(562) 439-6871
255 Redondo Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90803

Special thanks goes to sweet Nurse Jeannie at BHAH for her many nighttime visits to care for Louie, and her patient and gentle forced feedings that allowed Louie to progress to eating on his own, without the insertion of a feeding tube.

Thank you all for your empathy, generosity, and friendship.

– Deborah Turner