Donate to FOLBA through Ralphs & Food4Less

Did you know that when you’re doing your everyday grocery shopping you can help support the animals? Friends of Long Beach Animals is a registered non profit in the Kroger – Ralphs – Food4Less Community Rewards program.

That means every time you shop at either store and use your club card or Alt ID, they will donate money to Friends of Long Beach Animals!

If you don’t have an existing Club card, you can sign up here:

Ralphs Rewards Signup
Food4Less Signup

Once you get a card from either store, you can shop at either one. You’ll also get great savings on club card and Rewards items as well!

To select FOLBA as your preferred charity, follow these simple steps:


Not sure how to signup? E-mail us at and we’ll help you out!

To see a screenshot of your digital account and where to find the Community Rewards Signup, see below:



FOLBA Matches Donations for Little Paws Kitten Nursery

Friends of Long Beach Animals recently supported¬† The Little Lion Foundation and presented them with FOLBA’s matched donation funds of $10,000 from their successful participation in the Long Beach Gives fundraising event.

FOLBA is proud to support this organization which owns and operates Long Beach’s first ever kitten nursery, the Long Beach Paws Project. To date they have saved the lives of nearly 1,000 kittens! We wish them the best of luck in this upcoming year of dedication to all the little paws of Long Beach.

You can read more about the FOLBA donation and the Little Paws Project in the Long Beach Post.